Friday, August 12, 2011

New Milestones

Miss Mary can now roll over and grab things!  Evidence of each:

So fun!  I can't wait until she starts sitting up.  She is almost there, and if I prop her in front of a boppy pillow for support she can sit several seconds.  Picture to come in another post....

Look at those eyes!

Why is this poor girl wearing a cap in the middle of the sweltering Houston summer?  We are still battling her eczema, so if I can't cut her nails right away (they grow super fast) she has to wear gloves or a hat for protection.  It definitely looks a lot better than it used to (thanks to Curel Itch Defense- the best lotion I have found so far) but her skin is so sensitive and lots of things irritate it. We still may go see a pediatrician as her occipital lymph nodes (the ones at the base of her skull) are still enlarged and have been since her eczema started when she was 2 months old.  It's starting to concern me a bit, so we'll see what the pediatrician says at her 6 month checkup.
We gave her a bit of rice cereal a few weeks ago.  She seemed to like it.

My little nursling.  I am still breastfeeding, although we had to start supplementing at about 5 months.  I just couldn't keep up my supply pumping at work.  I am happy I was able to give her only milk for that long though, and she still gets more milk than formula.  I love laying down after work and just gazing at her as she nurses.  The other night she kept pulling off to look up at me and would laugh each time.  So adorable!

 I got all these cute clothes for her for $1.  Love finding bargains like these!

Looks like I have been working out! Haha!

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