Friday, June 22, 2012

Tiny Town

A few weeks ago we went to Tiny Town which is a cute little place with lots of little buildings, and miniature replicas of some famous Denver buildings.  I mainly wanted to go so Alex could enjoy the train ride, but they had a blast looking in, and playing inside some of the buildings.  It is in a beautiful location, about a 15 min drive into the mountains.  I think it was little Alex's 1st time to drive through the mountains, and he was fascinated, talking non-stop on the drive there and back.  He repeatedly pointed out that they were too high, and he would need a ladder to climb them :) 

A lot of the buildings have cute little figurines and furniture inside.  It was hard to get pictures though, because most of the windows are too small.

 Excited for the train ride!  We actually got to ride it twice, because we were getting close to the exit near closing time and the man asked us if we wanted to ride again for free!  He said he likes the last trip of the day to be full :)  

When we approached this little church on the hill, little Alex folder his hands and said, "Pray to the Lord"  Adorable :)

 I liked this little log cabin.

The Coney Island hotdog stand.  There is a real one of these a few miles away!

Taking a break to watch the train go by.

 So sweet :)


 Inside this little church there was a picture of a beautiful cathedral and alter.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Catching Up

I have been neglecting my blog again, so I am going to catch up this morning and post some pics from the last few months.  My birthday at the end of April always kicks off a busy time of year for us as far as birthdays and holidays, and ends around the end of June with our anniversary and little Alex's birthday.  Enjoy!

My birthday cheesecake yum!

Alex's friend Jenna's 4th birthday at the park a few days later...

 Then my dad's birthday a week after that.  I got a few cute pics of the cousins helping Papa blow out candles. 

Mother's Day brunch.  Everyone made such wonderful food, I was stuffed!

Little Alex and Mary enjoying this cute little rocking chair that my mom had when she was a little girl!

A mother's day pic with my beautiful children.  Love these kiddos!

A few weeks after that was Alex's birthday...

Love little Alex's face in this pic!

Memorial Day BBQ at my parents house.  It was a beautiful day and the kids had a great time playing in the backyard.

 Other than all the family activities, we have been enjoying our new house, and getting ready for a fun summer.  I am excited that we will be able to do lots of fun stuff outdoors this year (not so fun to be outside during the sweltering Houston summers).  We are almost done removing all the rocks from our backyard, so it should be more kid-friendly very soon!

 Spaghetti night!

 Holding hands in the car :)

A few weeks ago we bought a grill and our first meal was some lemon pepper chicken.   Yum!