Friday, August 12, 2011

Super Tot

This little guy is becoming such a fun little person.  He says many multi-syllable words now, and can string 2-3 words together.  We still can’t understand a lot of what he says, but he is becoming more and more coherent.  Sometimes, instead of trying to get him to say the word correctly, we will imitate what he says just because the mispronunciations are so cute!  Favorites are smoonie (smoothie) and bookit (blanket).  His favorite thing right now is his Thomas the Train set he got for his birthday.  He constantly want us to go in his room and watch the trains travel around the track over and over and over.  He is more into books now, and we have been going to the library for some variety.  He can just about count to 10, and we are working on ABCs (he can identify all the symbols accurately though). In the next few weeks will we be moving him to his "big boy" bed!

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