Sunday, October 23, 2011

First teeth + other updates

That’s right, she got both of the bottom ones at the same time!  Hopefully she will have a little break now until the next ones come in.  I will miss that toothless baby grin, but I think she is a bit more comfortable now, and has been sleeping a wee bit better. 

She made this face a lot right before her teeth broke through.

She is eating “real” food twice a day now, and nurses or has pumped milk/formula the rest of the time.  

First time with a teething biscuit.  Those things are super messy!

Yummy bananas!

 "You're so slow mom!  I'll do it myself!"

I think she is getting close to crawling.  She pushes up to her knees when she is on her belly, but only for a few seconds.  She is good at rolling and turning herself around to reach for an object she wants to grab. It won’t be long! 

Still battling the eczema.  The lotion, occasional use of hydrocortisone cream, and daily baths keep it under control, but it is always there, and always bothering her.  The sides of her waist where the diaper tabs are is constantly red and itchy, and since she has been spending a lot of time on the floor, her elbows and thighs are also red and feel like sandpaper.   Poor baby!  I keep hoping she will grow out of it, but I think she just has extremely sensitive skin and will have this issue her whole life.  

Just like little Alex did, she gets tons of comments on her beautiful blue eyes (good job, God!).  Now she just needs some hair…

Maybe little Alex can give her some of his.  It’s getting out of control and really needs to be cut.

 Check out those leg rolls.  Love it!

Choo-Choo Fun

Friday, October 21, 2011


Little Alex enjoyed a month’s worth of classes at Gymboree thanks to a good deal I got through Groupon.  The instructor explained that an important milestone in his age group is the development of symbolic thought.  Alex has definitely grasped this concept in his play at home and always uses objects to symbolize other things.  Lately he has been having fun “cooking” things for Alex and I.  We really need to get him a play kitchen!  The kids had fun roaming around the play area, making bean bag “cookies” and rolling around the mats pretending to be caterpillars getting ready to emerge from their cocoons as beautiful butterflies.  Alex’s favorite part was probably the parachute games they played at the end of each class.  My opinion?  It’s was ok for the deal I got, but I would never pay $80/month for these classes.  I think he could have just as much fun at the park!

Preschool group- class 2

Here a few pics from Alex’s preschool group.  The theme for this lesson was angels and they learned about St. Michael, the Archangels, and how they have their own guardian angel to protect and watch over them.  After some singing and dancing, they made this cute angel.  We hung it in Alex’s room and he loves going in to his room to say hi to his angel and to Jesus (the crucifix above his bed).  He pronounces it “angle”.  So cute!