Thursday, December 24, 2015

Fall/Advent 2015

I thought it would be a good idea to finally unload pics from the last few months so there is room on the camera for Christmas pics :)  The last few months have flown by, and after a busy, yet peaceful, Advent, we are ready for Christ to come into our hearts and help us grow in love this Christmas season!  A look back at the past few months...

Science group- learning about how hard it is for astronauts to pick up things and push buttons in space with gloves on!

Measuring shadows to see how they change after a few hours.

Homeschool science fair!  Alex chose a space topic, of course :)

Making papyrus at co-op.  They have also dissected several things during science, but I usually don't get many pics because the kids are all crowded around.

Josie, my mother's helper!  She helps me out with the kids once a week, and has been such a blessing.

We attended a children's memorial Mass to celebrate our little Joseph Francis at the Archdiocese of Denver Mortuary.  It was beautiful, and they had a balloon and dove release after.

There were also other memorial events going on during October since it is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month.  I didn't attend this one, but they lit a candle for him and then posted pictures of all the candles.  Miss you, sweet baby!

My crazy kids!

This poor girl has an awful case of cradle cap.  She is uncomfortable and scratches a lot.  I have to scrape the scales off daily, and have found that breast milk removes the crusty stuff the best.  I use lots of shea butter and coconut oil, but it always returns :(

All Saints Day party- Alex is St. Paul, and the girls are angels.

Mary's lego bird, lol.

The first big snow of the year.

The kids though Juliana should be dressed for weather too. Haha!

Our new godson, James Francis, was baptized on Nov. 29th!  Welcome to the Church, Frankie!!

Some pics of my big THREE year old!!

Here is the pic I would have used if I had done Christmas cards this year.  Whoops!

On to December!  St. Nicholas feast day, with the traditional chocolate coins in the shoes, and a new book for each kid.

 I dressed up Lucy for her name day, and made a cinnamon roll wreath for breakfast :)

Our new nephew was born Dec. 3rd!  His name is Maddox, and he is a sweetheart.  He is going to pass Juliana up size-wise in no time.  They are just over 3 months apart, and he is almost as big as she is!


This is our favorite house to visit when we drive around looking at Christmas lights.  The guy puts out hot chocolate, and has lots of train sets running in the backyard!

The boys went to see the new Star Wars movie the other day. They were so excited!  Can you see the        start of Alex's beard?  We'll see how it turns out :)

 Have a blessed Christmas!