Friday, May 23, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Spring as arrived!

Just like last year, we have had a lot of snow this spring.  I think these pictures were taken early April, and we have had several other snowstorms since then, including one on May 12th!

I made the base of the snowman, and the kids made the other two balls.  They were so proud of themselves! Alex had to add a rock for the belly button :)

Alex loves to help me with my chores now, and I am happy to oblige!  He unloads/loads the dishwasher, washes dishes, and sweeps mostly, but can help fold clothes too.

Divine Mercy soccer.  A couple of homeschool dads were gracious enough to spend their Monday afternoons in March and April teaching the kids how to play soccer.  They spend 30 minutes doing drills, and 30 minutes playing a game.  Then at the end, everyone gathers to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet.  It was a good, casual introduction to soccer for Alex.  I even met a mom that is into essential oils, herbs and stuff. She is going to help me make an eczema cream for Mary!

Ah, now this looks more like spring!  In between the cold and snowy days, we were able to get out the water table.  It kept the kids busy for hours one afternoon.  Thanks mom and dad!

Gotta love chubby babies in swimsuits!

Oh, this girl...she is a fiesty one.  My little red-head definitely has a fiery temper to match! We spend most of Mass outside because she hates to be restrained, but will not sit in the pew.  I moved the chairs in this picture downstairs because she is constantly standing on them and trying to rock them.  She throws a fit if she doesn't receive food within 3 seconds of being placed in her high chair.   And of course she gives me that "look" when she is in trouble, and it makes it difficult for me to be mad and her.  I know it is normal toddler stuff, but the behavior just seems more pronounced in her.  Or maybe I am just forgetting what Alex and Mary were like.  In any case, she keeps me on my toes!  Luckily, her vocabulary is growing, so it helps when she can communicate her needs/wants.  These are her words off the top of my head: dada, mama, nana, ball, cheese, cracker, Jesus, teeth, cat, milk, eyes, go, no, and more.  And I think she said ower (flower) the other day.  

Divine Mercy Sunday was extra special this year with the canonization of two popes, John XXIII and John Paul II. It was a great day! We had Divine Mercy pancakes for breakfast, celebrated my 31st birthday that afternoon with family, and then Alex and I watched a bit of the Canonization Mass on EWTN after the kids went to bed.  Praise God for these holy men and their love for the Church!

Here is my JPII saint doll from a wooden saint doll exchange I participated in last December :)

My 1st 7 Quick Takes is complete!  I hope to do this more so I can document thoughts and pictures that I might not necessarily devote a whole blog post for, and I hope it helps keep me more consistent!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Easter 2014

Holy Saturday we spent a fun afternoon painting Easter eggs using kool-aid for the dye, thanks to an idea from Pinterest.  It made the kitchen smell great, but the color didn't stick to the eggs very well :(

We tried to make a cross on one of the eggs using rubber bands.

This was our first year making Easter story cookies!  The idea is that the ingredients represent some of  the events of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ.  Here is Alex, beating the pecans to represent the scouraging.

A neat trick I learned to separate the yolk and the white of an egg.  If a recipe calls for just egg whites, you can suck up the yolk with a plastic bottle and discard.  The kids thought it was the coolest thing!

We put the cookies in the oven and kids taped off the "tomb".  And in the morning....

The tomb was empty! He is Risen! Alleluia!

Easter baskets.  I had fun putting them together, and some of the stuff I had been saving since before Christmas!

Lucy's basket:

Mary's basket:

Alex's basket:

We took a video of the kids opening their baskets, so this is about the only pic I have.  Lucy already has chocolate on her face, ha!

Easter egg hunt in the backyard...

And an impromptu photo shoot after the egg hunt :)

We headed to my parents house after naps.  The kids did another egg hunt in the backyard with cousin Issac.  Then we feasted on a yummy ham dinner and hung out with extended family.  Awesome day!