Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our new car!

We sold my car in July, so it is nice to have two cars again!  We hope to be blessed with more than two children, and figured we would need something bigger than a car if/when that time comes.  We bought a 2009 Kia Sedona and love it so far!   I feel safe and secure sitting up so high, and Alex loves the electric doors.   We also purchased a new convertible car seat for little Alex and sold our front-facing one after reading that it is much safer it is to keep children rear-facing as long as possible.  He seems happy with his new seat and last weekend we installed the infant one, so we are all set for baby to arrive! Here are a few pics:

Cloth diapers

We have decided to venture into the world of cloth diapering, and I just received my first order in the mail!  So excited to try them out!  I was a bit hesitant at first but really wanted to save money since we will have two in diapers soon.  I started researching and became so overwhelmed with all the choices out there, so I was thrilled to find that many online companies offer cloth diaper trials at a very reasonable price so you can figure out what you like the best.  I was able to try several kinds/brands for a few weeks for only $10.  Even though they are the most expensive, I decided the one-size pocket diapers would work best for us, having already experienced the convenience of disposables. Plus, I could not get the pre-folds to fit tightly enough on little Alex.  I know I must having been doing something wrong, and I know if probably just takes practice so I may try them in the future.  I think we will start little Alex in the cloth (since the one sizes may be too big for the new one for a few months) and start the new baby in cloth and slowly build our stash.  It’s funny, I spent WAY more time researching cloth diapers than I did for the new car we just got (pictures to come).  I have to remind my self that they are only poop catchers before I become one of those cloth diaper-obsessed moms!  I will post some pics after I wash them.  They are definitely cuter than disposables and maybe some day I’ll get some with fun prints!  Hope they work out!

Sick Baby

Little Alex had his worst cold ever last week and was miserable for several days.  The first night he probably slept an hour total and was fussing all night.  He had a slight fever and runny nose so we just tried to keep him as comfortable as possible.  I hate when my baby is sick, but am also very grateful that he doesn’t have any serious health problems.  I know a lot of people have it much worse, so I try to remember to pray for them when we are dealing with minor illnesses.  I gave him lots of baths while he was sick, and here are a few picks I took during the peak of it.  Poor baby!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pregnancy Update

I am counting down the days (28 or less!) until we meet our 2nd precious baby.  The baby has gotten a lot stronger and is making his/her presence known with sometimes slightly painful jabs all day long.  As much as I want the exciting day to come, I am really going to miss being pregnant and being able to have the baby with me everywhere I go.  Still feeling good and enjoying the last few weeks on uninterrupted sleep!

Here is the latest pic I took @ 31 weeks.  

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful advent season as we anticipated celebrating the birth of Christ and little Alex’s 2nd Christmas!  I really enjoyed having the time off from work to spend with the family.  On Christmas Eve we went to Lupe Tortilla (fajitas...yum) for an early lunch and then put Little Alex down for his name before Mass.  We were a bit disappointed that we didn’t go to Midnight Mass (especially since the 4pm one was extremely chaotic), but wanted to keep little Alex on a good sleep schedule.  It went well though and it was fun to dress little Alex up in his cute little suit:

Christmas morning was a lot of fun when little Alex woke up (yes, we are very lucky to have a baby that wakes up AFTER we do).  He got up and demanded that we turn the tree lights on, as he did every morning that the tree was up.   He still didn’t understand the concept of opening gifts, so it took a lot of prompting to get him to start tearing the paper.  

We had pancakes and eggs for breakfast and spend the rest of day playing with little Alex and showing him how his new toys work.  He loved exploring them all and still plays with most of them equally still.   

And here is a picture from the Christmas parade we went to: