Monday, August 28, 2017

June 2017

1st batch of summer pics!  We started with a trip to the Littleton Museum, and saw lots of little lambs. 

This girl cracks me up.  It is so fun to be her mommy!

Waiting around for Alex and Mary to finish swim lessons.

1st batch of raspberries!  I didn't plant anything this year so was happy to have these.  The garden is still so overgrown, and will take awhile to get under control. It appears that we have a cherry tree also, but the birds ate most of them.  Will have to figure out a solution for next summer.

One of the best things about Highlands Ranch is the access to the four Recreation Centers in the community.  This is the pool closest to us, and we spend a lot of time here!

Took the kids bowling for the 1st time!

Alex turned 8 at the end of June. Can't believe how old he is, but love watching him grow.  Currently loves football, swimming, Legos and Minecraft.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Alex's 1st Communion and more

Finally getting some May pictures up!

Alex had a busy month, making his 1st Confession and 1st Communion.  Here is my handsome guy before his 1st Confession (May 6th).

It was so amazing being able to watch him receive Jesus for the 1st time.  And on the 100th Anniversary of Fatima!  He was so excited to go back to Mass the next day!

This was the last time we saw Juliana's godmother before they moved to Michigan.  Wish I could have gotten a pic of J smiling :(

Alex's face, haha!

We got a shed for the backyard!  Love it.

This girl loves books SO much.  She would sit on my lap with books all day if I let her.  Grateful when big siblings take over!

Super fun pet pampering b-day party!  The kids loved decorating little baskets for their favorite animals.

Having Mass with saints dolls and his new Father Leopold Lego Mass set.  It is so cute!

Alex's 38th b-day. Old man! :)

We tried ladybugs this year instead of butterflies.  Not nearly as exciting, but they were still fun.