Saturday, June 9, 2018

March 2018

Just a quick March re-cap. Big event was Alex and Mary's confirmation! Mary's 7th b-day party.  Then Holy Week at the end of the month.  Trying to get school done everyday has been hard with this little man, but trying to cherish this phase.  

Love seeing my favorite outfits from Alex on a new baby boy!

We gave them each a statue of their patron.  St. Paul for Alex, and St. Clare for Mary.

May God bless you always, my sweet children.

Can't get enough of the silly Benny expressions, lol.

Mary's peacock party was postponed til March because of illness.  Can't believe how old she is getting.  Love watching her grow!

Acting out the Easter story with peg dolls during Holy Week.

Dyeing eggs of Holy Saturday.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

February 2018

Alex had his first Timber Wolf retreat mid-Feb.  They went up to the Archbishops cabin in the mountains for 3 nights.  It was hard for me to have him away from home for so long, but he had a great time.

This sweet boy had a rough 2nd month of life.  He was diagnosed with RSV and had a bad cough for awhile, but luckily no hospitalization.  Then he and I had the flu virus two weeks after that :(  We were so blessed that I had it first and was able to pass on the protective antibodies.  He ended up with a fever, but no other symptoms.  

It was a rough winter for everyone.  It seems like we only had a week here and there when everyone was healthy, despite my cabinet full of immune-boosting supplements, and frequent orders to the kids to wash their hands.  I didn't even take them to a store all winter long and spent extra money doing grocery pickup to try and avoid some of the germs.  We still had lots of activities, and Mass of course, so just life with young children I guess. 

Mary made a wrap out of a sheet for her owl, lol. 

Benny pictures!

First smiles, right at 6 weeks old. 

Mary turned 7 on the 15th.  Because of all the illness we had to postpone her party til March, so more pics to come.