Friday, August 12, 2011

He passed!

Alex had to take the written and road test last month as he let his drivers license expire (he still had a California one).  We weren’t looking forward to going to the DPS, but didn’t really just how big a headache it would be.  The first time we went he took the written test and passed (yay!) but then was told that they don’t really schedule appointments for the road test, and that the best thing would be to try and come in the morning and get in during the time they block off in the morning.  We got up at 5, and waited outside with the kiddos until they opened at 8.  He was able to get a test scheduled for 9:30, but when he went to show the instructor proof on insurance, it was missing!  Trying to be efficient and organized, I had put the new proof of insurance in the car several weeks in advance, and had accidentally took out the current one.  Oops!  So we had to drive home after a wasted morning and try again the next week.  It worked out for the best though, because it gave Alex some time to practice parallel parking and when we returned the next week everything went smoothy and we was able to pass the road test.   Congrats babe! 

Here is the proud guy with his temporary license:

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