Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kid updates

 I have a few cute videos to post too, but those will have to come later.

Alex continues to grow and learn more every day.   He talks NON-STOP and has a few favorite phrases: one of the cutest is when he says "thank you" sometimes to he says  "thank you, that's so nice of you."  Probably because we say that to him when he treats Mary nicely and shares with her.  He also went through a phase where he said "no thank you" to everything instead of just a simple "no".  So funny.  The other day I came into the kitchen wearing pjs with hearts on them, and he pointed and exclaimed, "Hearts! Joy Joy Hearts!" most likely from that song that goes "I've got the joy, joy, joy, down in my heart..." which he hasn't heard for probably more than 6 months.    It's awesome to see the connections he makes.

Even though we think he is the cutest little guy ever, life with him has been very trying lately and he gets put in "time out" several times a day for not listening.   I don't think we are consistent with it enough though, and consistency is key for breaking bad behavior.  And the incessant whining, ugh.  Lots of good opportunities to practice patience!


Mary is such a delight!  No clear words yet, although I think she is on the verge of saying ball, balloon and Jesus.  Alex didn't say much of anything until 16 months, so she is already ahead of him.   She LOVES to wave and clap,  and will point to objects that we ask her to.  And boy can this girl eat. And eat. And eat.  We have a hard time finding enough food for her at each meal because she never seem full.  We haven't found anything she won't eat yet.  A stark contrast from my picky little boy who still hardly eats much of anything. 
The biggest news is that she is now sleeping in her crib, and sleeping through the night most nights (if she does wake up it is just once and usually around midnight).  A few months before we moved we were really struggling, with her still waking up every 2-3 hours.  She was sleeping in the swing in our room (we moved her out of our bed after she fell off one morning when Alex got up and I didn't hear her stir), and one night after getting up probably 6 times, I just had it, and went to sleep on the closet floor.   The next morning I discovered that she had actually slept for a decent chunk of time after I went into the closet.  I realized that being in same room with me upset her because she wanted to be in the bed with us (I would take her to the bed to nurse her when she woke up, and then put her back in the swing).  So for the last month before our move, Alex and I slept on a air mattress on the living room floor and enjoyed some better sleep!  When we got here, I still kept her in the swing, as I didn't know what the best transition plan should be.  Should we start with naps, or go cold turkey and put her in the crib every time we put her down?  After a few naps with no issues, we tried at night, and she didn't cry AT ALL!  Should have done this a LONG time ago!  I had so much anxiety about  having to listen to her cry for hours and that hasn't happened once.  We are so blessed!

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