Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter kind of snuck up on me this year.  We decided to dye eggs at the last minute, and just got a cheap  "Cars" set. 

Easter egg hunt in our new backyard!

Easter morning was kind of crazy, because we had to be at my aunt and uncles house for dinner at noon.  We went to Mass at 7 am, came home and ate breakfast, gave little Alex his Easter basket (Mary took a nap right after breakfast, so she got her basket later) and started preparing the food to bring. 

Alex's basket: An Easter book, a cars book, "The Easter Story" dvd, a "Cars" movie car (Alex actually found a pope one, a car with a mitre on top!  They also have a popemobile one- so funny!), a water gun, a chocolate cross, and candy.

Mary's basket: An Easter board book, Barnyard Dance book, some bibs, a cute bunny water bottle, a chocolate cross and candy. 

Because we were so rushed, these are the only pics I got of the kids in their new clothes.  I plan on getting some better pics when they wear these clothes to Mass sometime soon. 

Have a wonderful Easter season!!

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