Saturday, April 14, 2012

Catching Up

I haven't posted nearly as much as I have wanted to with all the stuff that is going on, but its been a bit more hectic than usual!  We move up to Denver in early March.  My parents flew down, we rented a big Uhaul, packed up, and left around 3:30 that afternoon.  My parents drove the Uhaul (towing our car behind it) and we drove the van with the kiddos.  It went as well as could be expected, although it rained while we were moving stuff into the truck, and probably 90% of the time we were driving.  It took us three days of driving since we got such a late start the first day, and the kids were thrilled when we were finally here.  As soon as we arrived, a lot of my family came over to help unload, and we were done in no time at all.    I am terrible, and didn't get ANY pictures of the big trip.  I think I had the camera in my tavel bag, but I guess I never remembered to take it out.  We are done unpacking now, and are trying to figure out how we want things arranged and such.  I am going to go around and take more pics of the new house, but I posted a few that I had on the camera.

Once we arranged the living room furniture, the wall in the pic below was pretty bare, so I found this big entertainment center on Craigslist, and it looks great in the room.  Now we can even display some of our pretty dishes that have been packed in boxes for years. 

  I love the fireplace, and will be great for cold winter nights.

This is the backyard.  There was a hot tub on the patio, but we sold it on Craigslist shortly after we moved in.  Too much maintenance, and we want more room for the kids to play and to put a grill and some other things.  We did use it once, though, and it was very relaxing!

This is the area that is going to be my garden.  It's too small right now, so I am going to arrange all those bricks in a larger, more rectangular shape.  Can't wait to plant lots of yummy veggies.  I also ordered a blueberry plant online.   Not sure how long it will survive here in Colorado, or if it will produce anything, but I am going to give it a shot!

This will be the place where we will eventually put a play set for the kids.

Our first big project for the backyard is the removal of all the ugly bushes and rocks (see pic above) so we can put in more grass. My parents came over last weekend and we cut down and dug up the roots for all the bushes.  It really opens things up with them gone. 

And miss Mary is going to help us move rocks, one by one, with her little bucket.

So excited about our new house, and can't wait to make lots of wonderful memories here with my sweet family!!

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