Sunday, December 9, 2012

Halloween 2012

The kiddos were excited about Halloween this year, and I was excited to find some adorable costumes for about $6 each at a resale shop.  Alex was a lion and Mary was a bumble bee.  Here they are getting ready to go to a Halloween carnival at my moms work:

We had a few other fun activities and parties scheduled for the weekend before Halloween, but unfortunately we were battling a stomach bug and had to stay home all weekend.  Everyone was better by Halloween though, so daddy came home a bit early and we set out trick-or-treating.  

 I didn't get any pictures of them while we were out, but they had a blast going from house to house and we made it around a whole loop in our neighborhood. Their buckets were pretty full when we returned, but with all the candy lovers around here, it only lasted about a week and a half :)

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