Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fall 2012

Although I typically like warmer weather, it has been fun to experience a Colorado fall after being in Houston for so long.  It has actually been unusually warm, and we are enjoying temps in the low 60's this week.  The kids have been able to play outside a lot, and we got some good pics of the pretty red tree in the backyard before all the leaves fell off.

Our neighbor has a huge tree that hangs over our yard, so we had TONS of leaves.  Fun!

This crazy boy has been day potty trained for a few months now. It was surprisingly easy, and he got the hang of it really quickly.  I feel so blessed, because I know it is a very frustrating process for many parents.  I just put him in some Thomas underwear, gave him one m&m when he went pee and two when he went #2, and changed him patiently when he had an accident.  It only took about a week and a half.  He still has an occasional accident (usually when he is engrossed in a show, and doesn't want to get up).  I am half-heartedly working on nighttime training. I don't want to use pull-ups, because I think they would be as absorbent as diapers, and I want him to wake up and be uncomfortable with any wetness.  I have two pairs of cloth training pants that he wears a few nights a week, and the rest of the time it is disposable diapers.  Half the time he is dry in the morning though, so once I buy some more cloth training pants we should be able to wrap this up rather quickly.  So proud of my little man!  

Free pancake and safety day at the local fire station.

My favorite pic of Mary right now :)

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