Sunday, February 6, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful advent season as we anticipated celebrating the birth of Christ and little Alex’s 2nd Christmas!  I really enjoyed having the time off from work to spend with the family.  On Christmas Eve we went to Lupe Tortilla (fajitas...yum) for an early lunch and then put Little Alex down for his name before Mass.  We were a bit disappointed that we didn’t go to Midnight Mass (especially since the 4pm one was extremely chaotic), but wanted to keep little Alex on a good sleep schedule.  It went well though and it was fun to dress little Alex up in his cute little suit:

Christmas morning was a lot of fun when little Alex woke up (yes, we are very lucky to have a baby that wakes up AFTER we do).  He got up and demanded that we turn the tree lights on, as he did every morning that the tree was up.   He still didn’t understand the concept of opening gifts, so it took a lot of prompting to get him to start tearing the paper.  

We had pancakes and eggs for breakfast and spend the rest of day playing with little Alex and showing him how his new toys work.  He loved exploring them all and still plays with most of them equally still.   

And here is a picture from the Christmas parade we went to:

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