Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cloth diapers

We have decided to venture into the world of cloth diapering, and I just received my first order in the mail!  So excited to try them out!  I was a bit hesitant at first but really wanted to save money since we will have two in diapers soon.  I started researching and became so overwhelmed with all the choices out there, so I was thrilled to find that many online companies offer cloth diaper trials at a very reasonable price so you can figure out what you like the best.  I was able to try several kinds/brands for a few weeks for only $10.  Even though they are the most expensive, I decided the one-size pocket diapers would work best for us, having already experienced the convenience of disposables. Plus, I could not get the pre-folds to fit tightly enough on little Alex.  I know I must having been doing something wrong, and I know if probably just takes practice so I may try them in the future.  I think we will start little Alex in the cloth (since the one sizes may be too big for the new one for a few months) and start the new baby in cloth and slowly build our stash.  It’s funny, I spent WAY more time researching cloth diapers than I did for the new car we just got (pictures to come).  I have to remind my self that they are only poop catchers before I become one of those cloth diaper-obsessed moms!  I will post some pics after I wash them.  They are definitely cuter than disposables and maybe some day I’ll get some with fun prints!  Hope they work out!

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