Thursday, December 23, 2010

Little Alex update

Little Alex is 18 months and is looking more and more like his daddy, and is getting cuter everyday.  Everyone we meet is envious of his beautiful blue eyes and long curly lashes.  He loves to climb on all the furniture now and is starting to enjoy looking at books a bit more.   He babbles constantly (while interjecting a few English words every now and then).  He says hi, Jesus, bubbles, cheese, baby and we think tree, light, fish, balloon, cow and ball.  He can say EIEIO (from the Old McDonald song) and other various animal noises and can identify several body parts and pictures in his books.  He loves to make the sign of the cross (as much as he can anyway) and sometimes reminds us by doing it on his own during mealtime if we forget to have him do it beforehand. He also has the most adorable facial expressions; the most common being a perplexed, furrowed brow look that usually breaks into a big smile when we imitate his look. Oh, and he is finally getting some more teeth after 8 months of no action!  He continues to be a very content little boy and walks around with a smile on his face all day.  We thank God for giving us such a wonderful little boy to raise.

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