Sunday, April 30, 2017

March happenings

Whew, March was a busy month!  Fun field trips, and school outside several days of the week. I love watching the kids play and explore their new backyard.  Looking forward to a more relaxed routine in the summer months, although our calendar is already filling up.  Life with 4 kids I guess....

Homeschool Day at the Aquarium 

Mary was so proud of the owl she made out of pattern blocks, haha.

Lucy got glasses!  I was noticing her right eye crossing once in awhile when she was looking at something close, so I took her in.  She has something called Accommodative Esotropia.  It is a fairly common problem where kids are more farsighted than normal.  Their eyes can cross because of the extra effort it takes to focus.  It sounds like most kids grow out of it around 9 or 10, but it will get worse for the next few years, so we will probably have to keep changing the prescription up. She is adjusting well, and I think she looks so grown up!

Mary lost her 1st tooth!

Homemade wind vanes

My dad retired at the end of February, and my mom will be done at the end of May.  So happy for them!

This was a cool science activity.  It was like a volcano experiment, but kept going and going and going.  I think we timed it, and it bubbled for over 5 minutes!

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