Thursday, June 4, 2015

April/May 2015

Here is a sampling of our spring.  Things are hectic as usual as we head into the summer months.  We are in the midst of an elimination diet for Mary to see if it helps with her eczema, and we are going to do school through the summer so that we can take a long break when baby comes!  We'll take the last two weeks of June off though for Totus Tuus, our 7th Anniversary, Alex's 6th b-day, and a trip down to Colorado Springs.  Phew! Trying to think of life as being full, rather than super busy.  Seems less exhausting that way :)

Free day at Denver Botanic Gardens:

 Recent backyard finds.  These kids LOVE bugs!

A "Frozen" b-day party:


Getting ready to head out to the Easter Vigil.  It was looong and hard for the kids.  Think we will wait a few years to try again.  They already look exhausted in this picture :)

Here is the new home for our saint dolls, thanks to a great idea from the Catholic Missionary Family blog.  Now they can have Mass :) It is a painted wooden castle from Michaels that I will continue to "cathedralize" bit by bit.

Alex's End-of-Year celebration for co-op:

My 32nd b-day :)

We had a huge spring storm Mother's Day weekend.  The kids took advantage of the heavy, wet snow and made this little guy.  Love the little arms!

I have tons of pictures of block creations on my phone, because the kids want me to take a picture every time they build something. :)

Alex's 36th b-day, and my first attempt at making an ice cream cake.  So easy, and SO good!

We finally got around to doing our May crowning on Pentecost.

I think it rained all but maybe two days in May, so we were thrilled to get out to the park and play in the water!

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