Monday, April 6, 2015

February and March snapshots

Some things I want to remember from the last few months...

To buy more building blocks!  Alex and Mary play with these almost every day, and I am sure they could do a lot more if we had another set.

Valentine's Day.  So glad it was a Saturday so I could spend it with hubby!  We had a relaxing day at home, went the the park for a bit, and had our traditional fondue dinner.  Yum!

The next day we was Mary's 4th birthday!  It was owl-themed, due to her current owl obsession.  The kids loved the pinata, even though we had to do it indoors because of the weather.  

Alex and Mary had swimming lessons in March.  They loved it, and we look forward to spending lots of time at our neighborhood pool this summer!

Celebrating a friend's birthday party at Lollipop Park.  The kids have been begging to go back, so I think this will be a new birthday destination :)


Two new Lucy milestones:  She is now potty trained and sleeps in a semi-toddler bed in the same room as the other two.  We had a bad cold spell late February, so I thought it would be a good time to start, since we stayed home a lot due to the cold.  It was super easy, and after a few days of chocolate chip rewards, she had it down!  I took one side off her crib, replaced it with a toddler rail, and moved her bed to Alex and Lucy's room so she could have easier access to the potty.  I am thrilled to have a diaper-free house for a few months.  Bedtime with three in a room has been rough, but we are getting there :)

The two big feast days we celebrated: St. Patrick and St. Joseph :)

And one more pic for a little Lucy quirk.  It is hard to tell, but she has 5 dresses on over her clothes.  She does this with our dress up clothes at home and with the dress up stuff in the nursery at co-op. It is pretty hilarious.  

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