Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March 2014: Lent, Feast days and other random pics

I finally unloaded all of our March pictures off the camera :)

Shrove Tuesday: Strawberry oven pancake for dinner!

This Lenten season has been going well.  The kids are doing their calendars from Catholic Icing, and are following along with the Holy Heros Lenten Adventure.  I gave up Facebook for Lent, although I still think I am spending too much time of the computer.  I do think I have spent more time praying, and have been able to read some in the evenings.  I hope to plan some Holy Week activities to make it a special time for my family.

St. Patricks Day- March 17th

Snakes like the ones that St. Patrick drove out of Ireland.

March 19th: Feast of St. Joseph

Last year we made a paper altar craft and this year we made a real one with all the traditional foods. Maybe next year I will be motivated enough to expalin the meaning of all the foods we used, but I got the information from this blog.

Lucy loves having friends her size over.  These two couldn't get enough of this walker and the little shopping cart.

Alex's first map.  A church and a place where I go to meetings (?).  He draws all his people with bee bo's (belly buttons).  It's so funny!

Kiddie train :)

"These are signs so we can know God loves us."-Alex :)

Saying "hi" to Jesus.

I love my girls and their big hearts.  Mary always prays "for people that don't have houses and will be cold forever", and Lucy is so affectionate.  She always walks up to Mary after her nap to give her a hug :)

Favorites as of March 2014:

Alex's answers

Favorite color- red
Favorite toy- rocket
Favorite fruit- grapes
Favorite tv show- Jake (Jake and Neverland Pirates)
Favorite lunch food- meat and cheese
Favorite thing to wear- rocket shirt
Favorite snack- bars
Favorite animal- dog
Favorite song- shine song ("Down With the Shine" by the Avett Brothers)
Favorite book- space
Favorite cereal- peanut butter Cheerios
Favroite outside activity- snowmen
Favorite hoilday- Easter
Favorite thing to have in bed- firedog
Favorite breakfast- bagel
Favorite dinner- pancakes
What do you want to be when you grow up?- work on maps

Mary's answers:

Favorite color- pink
Favorite toy- elephant
Favorite fruit- banana
Favorite tv show- Jake
Favorite lunch food- penaut butter sandwich
Favorite thing to wear- heart shirt
Favorite snack- teddy grahams
Favorite animal- bunny
Favorite song- kids bop
Favorite book- bunnies and lambs ?
Favorite cereal- chocolate Chex
Favroite outside activity- playing ball w/ mommy
Favorite hoilday- Thanksgiving
Favorite thing to have in bed- bunny
Favorite breakfast- cereal
Favorite dinner- noodies (noodles)
What do you want to be when you grow up?- like mommy

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