Thursday, April 25, 2013

March happenings

Even though March/early April seemed to go quickly, it didn't feel like we were that busy with outside-the-house activities.  It was confirmed when I looked through the pictures and realized that most of them were taken at home. The weather has also been really crappy, so that has probably contributed.  It has been nice though, just staying home and enjoying my three littles.  I love to just sit back and listen to them talk to each other.  During car trips it always makes me chuckle as I listen to Alex explain the world to Mary from the perspective of a 3 year old :)

Sister photo shoot with matching outfits.  Look at Lucy's squishy belly :)  Even though she is small, she is pretty chubby.  She is around 5% for length, but 30% for weight.

Alex was having enough by the end, and wanted to get in the picture too.

We celebrated the feast day of St. Joseph by make a simple St. Joseph altar craft.  Someday I would like to make a real altar like the one here.

Like I said, the weather has not been too spring-like around here lately.  There have been several warm days sprinkled in, but we have also been getting lots of snow dumped on us (there were seven snowstorms between March 1st and April 23rd!).  Kind of depressing, but hey, the kids think its great and love to get bundled up to go play in it.

Snow angels :)

Alex got on top of the mound of snow and said he was the Statue of Liberty.  I guess the lesson we did on America a few weeks ago sunk in :)

Here are a few videos from the last few months.  The first one is of the kids dancing in the kitchen, and the second is my future astronaut/astronomer reciting the words from his favorite space book :)  I have a super cute one of Lucy and Alex, but I still have to load it onto the computer.

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