Monday, November 18, 2013

All Hallows Eve/ All Saints Day

We had a great time celebrating Halloween!  During the day we watched Halloween shows on Netflix and took advantage of all the yummy food deals (free Jamba Juice, and cheap Chipotle and Sonics) and then headed out for some candy!   The kids loved dressing up, and I am glad I snapped some pictures before going trick-or-treating, because it was a cold night and they were all bundled up. 

Alex was St. George.  I found a knight costume at a resale shop and made his sword and shield from Pinterest pictures.

Mary was St. Elizabeth of Hungary.  I used a little red riding hood costume and added veil, crown and a basket of bread and roses.  I tried to make fake bread from a recipe I found online, but it ended up looking more like a pancake :)

And Lucy was Mother Theresa.  It was such a easy costume; just white fabric and blue painter tape :)

Here they are midway though trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.  

And checking out the loot.  It is a little over two weeks later, and they finished their last piece tonight. I feel kind of guilty because I probably ate almost half of it :(  I have very little impulse control when it comes to candy.  Won't be able to do that when they are older and notice when the best candy is missing!

The next day we had an All Saints party with a few of the homeschool families at our parish.  It was fun to see the different costumes, and the kids enjoyed running around and playing a few games.

Pin the halo on the saint :)

I put together the St. Peter's fishing game.  I labeled fish with the spiritual works of mercy and the corporal works of mercy and the kids had to try to get a match to win a prize.  It was a hit!

This little boy was St. Francis of Assisi, and you can't tell from the picture, but his mom shaved the middle of his head to look like a tonsure.  So cute!

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