Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mary milestones

I only have one child in diapers.  Yay!  Mary has been potty trained since mid-April.  It was so easy, and I think it helped that she got to see Alex go through the process not too long ago.  I didn't even start with Alex until after he was three, so she trained over a year earlier than him.  She walks around saying, "I smell like I have to go pee."  I think she means "feel".  She loves her Minnie Mouse underwear, and loves that she gets to be like her big brother even more :)

I don't know if it is really a milestone, but she finally has enough hair now to put in a tiny ponytail. This has been long-anticipated by me, and now that her hair is finally growing, maybe people will stop mistaking her for a boy.  Yes, it still happens, even when she wearing pink!

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