Monday, May 13, 2013


Last month we moved Alex into Mary's room.  Lucy now has the crib in our room (even though she doesn't sleep in it), Mary got Alex's toddler bed, and Alex got a twin bed from my aunt Cindy and uncle Mike.  It was a pretty easy transition, and Mary had no problem going to a toddler bed.  They do talk and play around a lot after we put them down at night though.  Hopefully it will decrease in frequency and duration after the novelty wears off.  Mary has been a bit more fussy lately, and I think it's because she is not getting enough sleep.

Alex doesn't take naps everyday anymore, but I make him stay in the now-playroom for an hour or two while Mary takes a nap.  Some days he comes out looking pretty tired though, and one afternoon he actually fell asleep on the couch.  I had to take a pic, because my kids usually don't fall asleep anywhere except their beds.

These guys are best buds.  One morning they were cuddling on the couch while watching a show.  They kept changing positions, but Mary kept her arms around Alex the whole time.  So sweet!

Alex loves to teach Mary things and correct her mistakes.  Sometimes it's Mary doing the correcting though. As I have mentioned before, Alex is fascinated by space, and a few of his books are older and still include Pluto in the list of planets.  I  tell him not to include Pluto, but sometimes when he is rattling off the list he forgets and Mary is quick say, "No, Alex.  Pluto is a dwarf planet."  It's too funny :)

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