Friday, February 3, 2012

Healthy Eating

One of the big goals I have is to get my family to eat healthier. Alex does pretty well with this, and lost a lot of weight several months ago, but I could certainly do better, and I would love for the kids to enjoy healthy foods. It’s still a struggle to get little Alex to eat much of anything, let alone healthy foods. His diet right now usually consists of sugary cereal or frozen waffles for breakfast, lunchables or PB&J for lunch, corndogs, quesadillas or mac and cheese for dinner. He still loves fruit and anything dairy, but it is hard to get him to eat veggies (Alex has started putting spinach in his smoothies, and that is working great!). We try making mealtime fun, because he would rather be playing, and sometimes Alex sings him these cute little songs:

Yummy, yummy, yummy, got some stuff for your tummy, doesn’t it feel fine.

This will fill you up because you are a baby, this will feel you up because you are so small, this will feel you up because you are a baby, this will feel you up until your 6 feet tall.

Mary on the other hand, eats everything. We call her a little vacuum, because she runs her hand along the carpet just looking for any tiny little thing to pick up. We have to dig things out of her mouth several times and day, and really need to better at keeping the floors clean! We also have to keep the paper books out of her reach because she will eat them. I usually have to share my meals with her, cause she will crawl over and start whining for food. She doesn’t like to drink much though and we have been dealing with constipation issues for a few months. The pediatrician recommended pear juice, but she won’t even drink it from a bottle so I have to feed her the liquid on a spoon just to get some in her!

Once we move and I am at home, I am really going to focus on better meal planning and learning how to eat healthy on a budget. I started couponing over a year ago, but still have a lot to learn. I can’t wait to start cooking more, and having more time to prepare meals. Maybe I’ll even learn how to make my own bread!

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