Saturday, May 14, 2011

He is Risen!

We had a wonderful Easter as we celebrated our Resurrected Lord and all the blessings he has given us.  I feel like I didn’t use the opportunities of the Lenten season to grow spiritually as much as I should have since we were so busy adjusting to life with a new baby, but the Easter season is a great place to start growing deeper!  We were disappointed that we couldn’t make it to the Vigil, but we didn’t want to deal with tired and cranky kiddos during Mass.  So we got up and went at 7:30 instead.  When we got home we explored our Easter baskets and Alex made French Toast while I did a egg hunt around the apartment with little Alex.  After his nap we heading over to some friends house for dinner. 

Family pic after Mass

 Easter baskets

 Egg hunt

 Playing with blocks after dinner

And cars with Father Matt

 Alex got me this beautiful box with a picture of the painting “Virgin of the Lilies” by William Bouguereau.  I think little Alex understands the distinction between me, his “mama”, his sister “Mary” and the Mother of Christ “mama Mary” who we always point out to him in the paintings and statues around the house.  He got so excited when he saw the box and kept saying “mama Mary” and “Jesus” over and over.  So cute!

We tried dying eggs with little Alex the day before Easter, but maybe we should have waited a year; all he wanted to do was grab the eggs we were trying to color, and fussed the whole time.  I did get a few good pics and he was happy when I let me him put stickers on the finished eggs.

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