Sunday, April 17, 2011

Big brother update

--Favorite things: He loves cars right now; it is probably his most-used word!  He points them out everywhere we go, and especially loves to watch the garbage truck as it comes by our place a few times a week.   Elmo is still big and he has to listen to his Elmo songs at least once a day. Other favorite songs: Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider (it is so cute to watch him try and do the hand motions), Old McDonald, and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (he tries to do the motions to this as well).   We have a crucifix hanging above his crib and randomly throughout the day he drags us into his room to see "Jesus".  So cute!  I think I'll have to get him a plastic crucifix to play with :)

--His vocabulary is growing and it is nice to be able to communicate with him more.  He is starting to tell us what he wants with words instead of pointing and grunting.  Words he uses regularly:

dada, mama, Mary, ball (ba), bubbles, Jesus, car, no, hair, head, eyes, nose, knee, one, teeth, hi, bye, juice, horse (weese), cheese, dog (da), banana (nana), cracker, Nerds (the candy), balloon (boon), light, belly button (bee-bo), Elmo (ma-mo), shoes, bear, tree, bird, ear, baby, bees, keys, boat, waffle, water, flower (fower), out, moon, milk , color, block, bug, uh-oh and ew (don't know if the last two are words, but he uses them correctly)

--I think he is starting to develop empathy.  Sometimes when Mary is upset he pats her and says "Mary" over and over with a sympathetic tone.  This would be consistent with a major milestone of this age-- the development of a sense of "self", and the realization that others are distinct beings.  Or he could just be imitating :)

--Mealtime is hit or miss.  I know that toddlers can be picky, but it can be so frustrating when he eats something really well one night and won't touch it the next.  I feel like we have to serve him several items at each meal just to get him to eat something.  Hopefully things will get better when he is older, and he will actually enjoy eating :)

Here are some pics from the last few months:

Playdate at the Little Gym

7 Acre Wood Petting Zoo and Farm

 Ash Wednesday

St. Patty's Day!

We were letting him run around the tennis courts and he climbed up on the bench and fell between it and the fence.  He wasn't as distressed as it might seem by the look on his face; he was actually laughing!!

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