Sunday, June 5, 2016

Spring 2016

Popping on to post some pictures from the last few months.  First up, CO Railroad Museum!

 Owl pellet disection at co-op.  This was so neat!

My little helpers :)

Toes!  She plays with hers way more than any of my others babies did.

Easter morning.  Best pic we could get quickly before 7 am Mass.

  Spring was cold and wet, and our last snowstorm was the biggest blizzard of the year!

Alex lost his first tooth, but I think he swallowed it, lol.

A few pics from my 33rd birthday.

And some selfies with baby girl :)

A special Petecost breakfast.  Happy Birthday, Church!

Our last science group of the year was all about bugs and dirt, so my kids were in heaven.  They had rolly polly races, figured out what kind of food and environment they like best, took several dirt samples from the yard and watched the layers form when mixed with water, and planted seeds.  So fun!  Alex is convinced a huge pumpkin is going to grow from the seed he planted.  Good luck, buddy!

More pics of my 9 month old.  Slow down baby!

My sweet kiddos :)

Alex's 37th bithday.  His white choolate raspberry cheesecake dessert was sooo yummy.  Definitely making that one again soon.

I can't tell you how excited they were to finally catch the ice cream truck that drives through our neighborhood occasionally.  They are still talking about it days later.  At $5 a pop, I am glad they used their own money!

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