Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Starting our 2014-2015 school year!

Alex is in Kindergarten!  We have been doing stuff on and off all summer, but started a more structured schedule of the end of August.  It is going alright.  The kids still want to play outside a lot, so I am hoping the cooler weather that is on the way will help everyone settle into a good routine.  I need to figure out what to do with girls when I am working with Alex so they aren't climbing all over me.  Telling them to "go play" doesn't work, and they return after 5 minutes and want my attention.  I am hoping that participating in a busy bag exchange in a few weeks will give me lots of fun new things for them to do!

We are trying to do a full schedule 3 mornings a week.  Co-op is on Tuesdays, and Fridays will just be a few subjects, religion and reading, and maybe some fun stuff, like science or art.  I also want to try to make it to Mass or Adoration on Fridays.

Here is our plan for the year:

Religion: We are following the Mother of Divine Grace suggestion, plus some extra stuff.  We read a Bible story, and then he does a short narration and I write it down.  He then illustrates the story. He will have his own little Bible at the end of the year!  We are doing a virtue program called Virtues in Practice, and trying to live liturgically by celebrating all the important feast days.

Reading: We are a little more than half way through "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons".  Not sure what we will do after this, but there are lots of options I am looking into.

Writing: Various activities to help with penmanship.  I am considering starting cursive halfway through the year.

Math: Alex is finishing up a computer program called Funnix.  We are also practicing telling time, using money and using various manipulatives to practice addition and subtraction.

Memory Work: Classically Catholic Memory (in co-op and practice at home).  This program will also be the base of our History and Geography.

Science: I am going to try and do nature study with the kids, since botany is the focus in co-op for the first semester.

Art: I still have to purchase "Child-size masterpieces" for art appreciation, if I decide to use that program.  He has art at co-op, and we will be working on drawing and painting at home.

Music: We will be learning a list of hymns that MODG recommends, and using the song lists from "Making Music, Praying Twice",  He will also have music class 2nd semester at co-op.

I am also trying to keep logs of what we do so I can use the stuff that works in a couple years for Mary.  Hoping for a fun, fruitful year!

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