Thursday, July 17, 2014

June 2014

Here are some June pictures, minus Alex's b-day and our trip to Colorado Springs.  Summer is flying by, and I have been taking lots of pics, so I have to squeeze as much as I can into one post when I have time!

For Fathers Day, I made a 3-picture frame of the kids holding letters that spelled "DAD" for him to bring to work.  I didn't get a picture of the frame, but here are pics I used.  

We went for a nice walk/bike ride, and went over to my parents house for a BBQ.

The kids spend a large portion of their days outside looking for rollie pollies and ladybugs.  They now have bug catchers that they fill with grass and leaves for them, and something they find up to 15 a day!  They also have no fear of spiders, so I should probably show them a picture of a black widow is case they ever encounter one of those!

I have been busy planning for school next year, and one of my concerns is finding enough varied activities for the girls while I work with Alex.  I have been trying out different things the last few weeks to see what holds their attention for more than a few minutes.  The toothpick and marshmallow activity didn't make the cut.  I should have known they would lose interest in building and start begging me to eat them after two minutes.  Plus, Lucy is a bit young for this one. Hoping to find things that Mary and Lucy can both enjoy and are educational at the same time!

Visiting one of our favorite playgrounds/splash parks with new friends.  

Alex and I celebrated 6 years on marriage of June 28th!  I am so blessed to have this man by my side and so excited to see what the future hold for us!

Alex loves trying new breakfast recipes, and he made this one for our anniversary.  It is caramel French Toast made with French bread.  So, so yummy and a recipe we will definitely be using again.

Mini golf for probably the first time since we have been married!

Alex and the puppet he made a Little Bible Heroes, a once-a-month summer program for the kids that are tooo young for Totus Tuus.  He is also going to do VBS at a nearby parish next week.


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