Thursday, August 23, 2012

Busy July

I'm behind on the blog AGAIN, so I will just do one post as I sort through some July pictures...

We just had a quiet 4th of July at home, grilling some hot dogs and watching the kids play in the sprinkles.  2nd year in a row we have been in an area where the professional fireworks shows were banned due to drought!

Mid-July we attended my brothers wedding.  Welcome to the family, Ericca!

A few pics from the county fair.  We went to the demolition derby, but it stated to rain near the end of ir so we had to leave before we could check out all the attractions. 

The first "fruit" of my first garden.  Actually we had lettuce first, but I was more excited about the zucchini.   I think I let it get a little too big, but it was till tasty in the cottage cheese omelet we had that evening.

My baby girl is 18 months old now and is such a delight.  Even though she is tiny (2% for weight at the last doc appt) she eats and eats and there is not much she won't try.  It makes meal time much easier when we don't have to fight with both her and her big brother, who routinely goes several meals a week with no more than a bite or two.  She loves her "babies" (several stuffed animals she carries around, her favorite being a pink bunny), and follows her big brother around everywhere, picking up everything in her path and saying "dee doo" (thank you) as she hands them to me. 

Alex is a typical three year old boy with insane amounts of energy, and constant questions/comments.  I need to do better at writing down some of the funny ones.  He has full-on tantrums daily, mostly over Mary holding an object he wants.  We are also still working on potty training.  He is very stubborn and we are going to have to try some more intensive methods. I DO NOT want to have three children in diapers.   He is full of wonder and joy though, and I love seeing him get excited about the littlest things!

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