Thursday, July 12, 2012

1st Baseball game

On June 12th, we took little Alex to his 1st baseball game!  Alex's team, the Oakland A's were in town to play the Rockies, and my sweet aunt Janet was able to get us free tickets from here work.  My parents watched Mary, and we headed downtown via the light rail.

He was a little nervous when we got on the train, but was so excited for the return trip home.

We had awesome seats, and there was no one sitting around us, which was great.  We got pizza and soda, and later, when little Alex got a bit restless, we walked around and got dippin dots and lemonade for me (my 1st ever pregnancy craving).  I had to go around to 4-5 different stands to find one that took credit cards, and was thrilled to find one! 

Alex did great.  He didn't really watch the game, but just loved the atmosphere!  We will have to go back soon!

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