Friday, September 30, 2011

"Play and Pray" preschool- 1st class

I started taking little Alex to a preschool class through the local homeschool group.  It is twice a month, and each week has a lesson based on a virtue or a saint.  We start with a prayer, have sing and dance time, do a short lesson, then a craft, and end with a couple games.   The topic of the first class was Obedience.  The kids learned about Noah, and how he was obedient to God.    They were taught they should learn to obey their parents now, so that they can obey God when they are adults. This is all above little Alex’s head of course, but it is good for him to get some interaction with other kids.  And he had fun making the craft, which was a tissue paper rainbow.  We didn’t get very far, though.  The train set and play kitchen in the other room were calling his name…

The "finished" product!

 The kids "obeying" the leader during a game of Simon Says.

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  1. This looks like a lot of fun!

    Our Catholic homeschooling group does some different things -- we have a First Friday Mass, followed by lunch and crafts. On the third Friday, we have a Holy Hour, followed by Catholic Clubs. Many of us are involved in American Heritage Girls as well.

    I'm stopping by from Catholic Mothers Online - welcome to the community there!