Sunday, October 24, 2010

Quick update

Just a quick update on my main man and I, as almost all these posts are about the little one!

Alex successfully defended his dissertation proposal a few weeks ago (congrats, babe!) and can now really start getting into it.  He has 4 months to make a good dent in it before the draining days of life with a newborn (and now a toddler) begin. 

I have been feeling great and am halfway through with my 2nd pregnancy! I wasn’t very sick the first trimester, but even now, at almost 21 weeks, I still feel mildly nauseous once in a while (girl, maybe?). I have been feeling the baby move since 15 weeks and Alex felt him/her for the first time last night!  We have our anatomy ultrasound on Oct. 29th, but will not be finding out the sex, as we love the surprise at the end. Please pray that everything looks good!  Here is a belly shot at 15 weeks:

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