Saturday, July 24, 2010

Denver Trip and 1st B-day

Little Alex took his very first road trip to Denver in late June and he did great!  The trip took two days so we stayed in Dumas, TX on the way, and in Amarillo, TX on the way back when we reached the halfway point.  We kept him entertained with novel items we picked up from fast food restaurants (straws, and such) and played youtube videos (his favorites are Wheels on the Bus and Elmo’s song) for him when he got fussy.  He loved playing with his new birthday toys on the way back.  Here he is all cozy in his new car seat before we took off:

Once we arrived at my parents house we settled in and little Alex made a new friend very quickly- my parents dog Howie.  He seems to have no fear of dogs and was fascinated by him.  

He also took his first steps unassisted in my parents backyard.  He hasn’t really experienced grass too much since we live in an apartment, so when he put him down in the grass in a standing position he kind of took a few wobbly steps to avoid having to put is hands down in the grass and crawl.  When he was sitting down he always kept one foot up.  So funny!

June 28th marked 2 years that I have been married to my wonderful hubby!  During the day we took little Alex to the Denver Zoo.  As hard as I tried, I could not get him to look at the animals (although I think some of the monkeys caught his eye).  He was more interested in watching all the other little kids roam around.  We will try again when he is older.  That evening we went out to dinner (Claim Jumper) and to a movie (Iron Man 2) while my parents watched baby.  Before we left he gave me my anniversary gift- a beautiful photo book, filled with photos and sweet and funny captions that narrated the past 3+ years that we have been together.  It was such a thoughtful gift, and it was fun to remember all the good times.  Here we are waiting for our food:

The next day the fun continued with my baby boy’s first b-day party!  We did a Sesame Street “beginnings” theme and I spend the morning attempting to make my first 3-tiered cake!  We used the top layer as his “smash” cake and he had so much fun digging in and getting blue frosting everywhere!  He got lots of fun toys and clothes, and it was great to see my family and friends!  Thanks everyone!

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